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Whether its gay marriage, straight marriage, polygamy, hexagonal marriage, sideways marriage, 30000 cannons, building a wall, taking down a wall, banning immigrants, shooting immigrants, accepting immigrants, or invading Austria and the eventually the entirety of Europe, your moderation team is here to bring you coverage of all our candidates positions on key issues facing our nation today. 

The TeamEdit

Mallace "Megayn" Kelly - President of the Moderators Union: Hailing from a long line of rich people who will happily rig the vote in favor of the funniest candidate, the lead moderator for the polish debates is a strong believer that fat people are indeed the antichrists. 

Hieronim "Heroin" Florian Radziwill - Lord Janitor of the Union: You know him, you see him, you love him! Usually found injecting heroin while attempting to clean the bathrooms, he rose to prominence  in the first debate by asking what was perhaps the toughest question: "r u gai?"

Ned "Flanders" Edgewalker - Glorified Vice President: Ned attempted an illegal coup of the debate moderation during the second debate. People began calling him "responsible, civilized, and orderly" amongst other insults. Though he may be boring, he is the only hope for an actual answer out of a candidate.

Debate ScriptsEdit

For those who missed the debates, fear not! Here are the questions and candidate's answers.

Debate #2: 9 February 2016Edit

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