Apologies for not benig able to attend the 1750 Sejm opening. Here are the results of the Sejm and solutions to the issues discussed.

1. Ottoman claims to Crimea are given up and the Commonwealth withdraws its dispute to Ottoman claims in Arabia.

2. The Commonwealth is still discussing what should be done in regards to Russia claiming Mongolia.

3. The Commonwealth will allow the guild "The German Empire" to exist as long as they do not lay any claim to Prussia or lands controlled by the Commonwealth.

4. Additional aid, troops, and ships will be sent to help Commonwealth protectorate, Morocco.

5. The Commonwealth alliance with Great Britain will be reinforced and relations will continue to grow. The same goes for Austria, Morocco, and Portugal.

7. Spanish relations with Poland will continue as normal despite the fact that one of their officials attempted to drive a wedge between Switzerland and Great Britain. The Commonwealth expresses that it still holds absolute faith in King Ferdinand, but not in certain government officials.

8. The territory dispute between Great Britain and the Netherlands was solved.

9. As long as nations under the banner of the "Brethren Court" continue to lay claim to Commonwealth lands, piracy and more specifically any nations practicing it are deemed the greatest threat to the Commonwealth currently. Military action may have to be taken as long as pirates lay claim to Polish land.