14 June 1750

Royal Palace, Warsaw

Office of the King and Grand Duke

Let it be known that the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Sejm will officially open this Saturday, June 17th at 6:00 PM (MST).

The following issues will be discussed and debated:

  1. Ottoman claims to the Commonwealth territory of Crimea, located in the Kiev voivodeship.
  2. Russian claims to the Mongolia voivodeship.
  3. A new TLOPO guild surfacing named "The German Empire"
  4. Sending additional aid and having an increased military presence in the Commonwealth protectorate of Morocco.
  5. A review of the Commonwealth's current alliances and international relations.
  6. The issue of disputed territory between our ally, Great Britain, and the Netherlands.
  7. The issue of piracy and the threat it poses to the Commonwealth.

Voting will occur on the same night of the State Opening. Let all members of the Sejm be reminded that the era of unanimous voting is over, and the right to liberum veto has been revoked. All votes will pass via a majority, no one person can end this session of the Sejm.

The Sejm will take place on the Commonwealth discord server.

From the desk of the King and Grand Duke of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Gsig